Special Operations Unit - 5/2004

  One of the things that the volunteers of Ridge Fire Company do every Tuesday evening is learn about various support companies.  One of these companies is the SPECIAL OPERATIONS UNIT from Pottstown Montgomery County.  This unit is called in to assist with such rescues as TRENCH, HIGH ANGLE, and CAVE rescues.  They have the special equipment and training for these types of rescues.  Ridge Fire Company tries to meet with units of this type so we are familiar with what and how they do their jobs.  This allows us to meet the units members and get a working knowledge of the equipment.  If Ridge Fire Company is ever working with this unit we will then be able to assist.

  As can be seen, the truck is packed with different types of equipment.  Everything from "ordinary" circular and chain saws to special cave communications gear.  There are special heaters to force heat into closed spaces, where people may be trapped, to prevent shock due to cold.  There is even a large supply of of "mundane" plywood and 2" x 4"s.  The truck needs to have everything it needs to do the job "on board".  At a rescue there isn't time to send someone to the local lumber yard to buy the wood needed to shore up a trench.

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