Practicing in "smoke" filled house - 3/2004

  We want to say thanks to Mr. Bishop for allowing us to use the house he was tearing down to practice "Smoke Filled House" exercises.  The house is filled with "party" smoke to prevent any injuries during practice.

Volunteers getting ready to go into the Smoke Filled House

What it looks inside a Smoke Filled House

You will notice that the only thing easy to see is the reflective tape

If this were "live" smoke, you would NOT be able to breathe

After we were finished using the house for practice, and the roof and garage had been pushed in, we did a controlled burn of the remains.

Fire started around 8:20AM

Within 10, 15 minutes

After about 30, 45 minutes

Through front window

Close up of back door

Through Front Door

After about 1 hour

Cool enough to look down into basement through front window

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