Halloween Safehouse - 2004

Every year the East Coventry police department, with the help of several other local police departments, puts on the Hallowean Safe House as a safe place for Children to come and have fun. They use the halls of the Ridge Fire House to provide indoor space. Ridge Fire Company volunteers provide assistance helping cars get in and out of the parking lot and assisting with the games and food. The pictures on this page were taken by a Ridge Fire Company volunteer. It's nice to be helping people at a fun time.

Posing for pictures

Costumed Kid near Decoration

Playing games

Costumed Children playing games


Costumed Children getting food

Showing our "Stuff"

Costumed Kid

Lots of Hussle & Bustle

Lots of Hussle & Bustle

Juggling and Magic


Young and Old watching Entertainment

Young and Old watching Entertainment

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