Fun & Interesting Questions#1
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Questions #1


 1 - If you are driving and hear a Fire Truck, Ambulance, or Police car, what should you do?

        A - drive as fast as you can

        B - pull to the side of the road to let emergency vehicle pass

        C - stop right where you are

        D - none of the above


 2 - What is the big mechanical tool that opens up cars called?

        A - mouth of life

        B - car claw

        C - jaws of life

        D - none of the above


 3 - How much does it cost for a full firefighters fire outfit?

        A - $200

        B - $500

        C - $1500

        D - $4000


 4 - What’s so special about a firefighters turn out gear?

        A - "neat" color and reflective tape

        B - makes all the firefighters in the same company look the same

        C - protects against fire heat and makes it easier to be seen in smoke

        D - none of the above


 5 - Why does a firefighter have two name tags hanging from the back of their helmets?

        A - so they can always find their helmets, even if they are all in a pile

        B - so the officers know how many firefighters are inside a burning building

        C - because it looks "cool"

        D - none of the above


 6 - How much does the typical Ridge Firefighter get paid?

        A - $10,000 each year

        B - $100 each fire they go to

        C - $1,000 each year

        D - none of the above


 7 - How many firefighters are at the Ridge Fire House waiting for a fire?

        A - One

        B - Two

        C - Ten

        D - none of the above


 8 - When purchased in 2000 about how much did the fully equipped rescue truck cost?

        A - $100,000

        B - $250,000

        C - $400,000

        D - none of the above


 9 - Why are there different type of fire trucks?

        A - different uses

        B - just the way different truck companies make them

        C - looks better in parades if the trucks look different

        D - none of the above


10 - Why do firefighters sometimes use "foam" on a fire instead of water?

        A - foam looks "cool"

        B - foam is lighter to carry

        C - foam is for special fires

        D - none of the above


11 - What is needed for fire to burn?

        A - fuel

        B - match and paper

        C - fuel, air, and heat

        D - none of the above


12 - If your clothes were to catch fire you should?

        A - run to the nearest fire station

        B - run to the nearest phone and dial 911

        C - stop, drop, and roll

        D - none of the above


13 - Why are axes attached to the fire trucks?

        A - for firefighters who don’t do what they’re told

        B - to chop a hole into burning buildings

        C - to chop firewood in case it’s cold

        D - none of the above


14 - How heavy is the firefighters fire outfit

        A - about the same as a winter coat

        B - about 25 pounds

        C - same weight as the firefighter

        D - none of the above


15  - Why are there "pins" in the triggers of fire extinguishers?

        A - to hold the trigger on

        B - so the firefighters can take notes during the fire

        C - to prevent the fire extinguisher from "firing" before needed

        D - none of the above


16 - What’s the best way out of your house if it was burning?

        A - head for the roof

        B - head to the basement

        C - hide in a closet

        D - none of the above


17 - If you are in burning building and there’s a lot of smoke what’s the safest way out?

        A - run

        B - walk

        C - crawl

        D - none of the above


18 - Once you are outside your house, what should you do?

        A - have a snack with the neighbors

        B - join your family at your meeting place and wait for firefighters

        C - crawl

        D - none of the above


19 - Why should there be smoke detectors in a building?

        A - to make noise to wake sleepers up if there is a fire

        B - they look good on the ceiling

        C - to cover holes in the walls and ceilings

        D - none of the above


20 - How old do you have to be to volunteer at the Ridge Fire house?

            A - 16

            B - 18

            C - 21

            D - none of the above

21 - What’s the first thing you should do if there’s a fire in the building?

            A - call the fire department

            B - call 911

            C - get everyone out of the building

            D - none of the above



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