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November 6th, 2008 - We had a new member apply. This is an adult the got to see, first hand, what we do when his neighbors house set on fire. While he may never want to "RUN INTO BURNING BUILDINGS" there are many things he will be able to assit with. We are already trying to get him to consider joining the Fire Police and traning to "PLAY IN TRAFFIC"!!

November 4th, 2008 - The new truck is approaching the end of the production line, should be rolling off Tuesday November 11th, 2008. Final Inspection will be start Wednesday November 12th, 2008.

November 1st, 2008 - The IT room is progressing. We now have a DOMAIN server installed. The computerized Truck Logging is almost complete. The (rebuilt, donated) computers are being installed.

October 21st, 2008 - Unfortunately, due to the dropping numbers of volunteers, the Ladies Auxiliary members were no longer able to staff the kitchen during auctions. We are ALWAYS looking for new members!! If you are interested, at all, please stop by on Tuesday Work Nights, please check the CALENDAR to make sure we will be On-Site, and see what we do and talk with us!!. For more information on volunteering see the VOLUNTEERS page.

October 20th, 2008 - The new truck is on the production line. Due to ADJUSTMENTS on the a second shift the new projected delivery date is Mid November 2008

October 15th, 2008 - The new truck enters production line. Due to Pierce adding a second shift the new projected delivery date is Early November 2008

October 7th through October13th, 2008 - Fire Prevention Week 2008 was very successful. There were 17 events and we talked with ~1675 people!!

Mid Summer, 2008 - We had two new juniors join the fire company. They are both fitting in, learning, and helping with all the work, etc. we need to do. There is a LOT we have to do aside from fighting fires. As they are untrained, juniors they are NOT allowed to "RUN INTO BURNING BUILDINGS"!! Unfortunately we lose juniors when they learn that we will NOT let them do that BEFORE they've had the training.

May 1st, 2008 - The truck committee made it recommendations to the membership and a first out engine will be signed for in the next few days. The projected delivery date is January/February 2009

April 19th we had a very successful Firefighter's Banquet!! Thanks to everyone who helped, came, and donated!!

February 2008 - With the increasing use of computers and electronic equipment in firefighting the office became over crowded!! After some measuring an area of the "Blue Room" was selected and a new IT room is being built.

Winter 2008 - We've had new members join and some members leave. Overall we have had an increase in membership.

January 2008 - The truck commitee, with the appoval of the membersip, decided to look into a new fires out engine BUT to continue research into the ladder truck.

Fall 2007 - Ridge Fire Company created a truck committee fall 2007 to look into new truck(s). There were arguments for and against both possible types, a new first out engine, to replace 62-2, and a ladder.

In December 2007 we started the "Smoke Detector Program" with the help of Lowe's of Pottstown, who donated 10 Smoke Detectors to get us started. Within two weeks we had given out and installed two of the detectors.

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Thanks to members Jonathan and Bryan the equipment on 62-2 is labeled, and much of the equipment on 62-5 and Rescue is done. This will make it easier to make sure all equipment in where is belongs and can be found when needed. 11/2007

Our new, to us, traffic unit, while still needs some work, has already been on several calls as of 11/1/2007!

Around 11/2007 the Chester County Fire/EMS/Police combined training center, that's been in the works for several years, has made a HUGE step forward. The ground is now Chester County's, the Zoning Amendments have been approved, and $19 million of the $41 million needed is already "ear marked" for construction. Chester County hopes to have the ground breaking Spring 2008.

Our new, to us, traffic unit we hope to have ready on and in the road the week of 10/8/2007!

One of our young members has joined the marines and left for boot camp near the beginning of October. We wish him luck!!

Materials for Fire Prevention Week, Sunday October 7th through Saturday October 13th, have been ordered and schools, day cares, etc. have started to call to schedule. Last year we talked to over 700 kids.

2007 Fire Prevention week theme: "Practice Your Escape Plan!"

On Sunday August 19th we finished up an Emergency Vehicle Operations (Re) Certification class for the entire company.

On Saturday August 18th we took possession of used ambulance that will become our new Traffic Unit. It is newer and has more features than the previous unit. It is a diesel. There are a few things left to do to get it ready. We hope to have the unit active by the last week of August or first week of September.

On Thursday August 2nd, 2007 we had two new Fire Company members join. The first is a college student who will put in what time he can when not at school. The second is a trained Fire Policeman from Ludwigs Corner who is joining our company while some of our Fire Police join Ludwigs Corner Fire Company Fire Police to foster a closer Mutual Assistance relationship as our fire companies share the high accident Route 100 corridor and spend a lot of time assisting each other

On Thursday August 2nd, 2007 we had a new Fire Police officer join our fire police. He had already become a active member of Ridge Fire Company. He comes, most recently, fully trained, from the Valley Forge Fire Company. He and his wife moved into our area a few months ago.

At the Thursday July 5th, 2007 monthly meeting the date for our second annual Ridge Fire Company Community Day was set for Saturday September 15th from 1:00 PM until 3:00 PM. Plans are proceeding nicely.

On Thursday May 3rd, 2007 we had a new "Junior" firefighter join. A "Junior" firefighter can help with the many tasks needed to run a fire house while learning how to do fire fighting, vehicle rescue, CPR, etc. "Junior" firefighters are NOT allowed into burning building or situations that are dangerous. To be able to go into burning buildings a firefighter must be 18 years old or older and have firefighter certification. The firefighter certification is through a long class that leads to national Fire Fighter I certification.

We had people donate three cars. On Tuesday May 1st, 2007 we used them to practice getting trapped people out of a "crashed" vehicle. After some practice on the first two we "rescued" the chief from the third car.

On Saturday April 21st, 2007 we had our 27th Annual Banquet. It went well and we would like to thank all of the businesses and people who donated door prizes.

The fire house recently purchased a 165 lb rescue dummy. The rescue dummy allows us to practice search and rescues, vehicle extrications, and ladder rescues WITHOUT endangering a live person BUT still have the full weight, size, etc. We used it for the first time Tuesday February 20th, 2007. We rearranged all of the furniture in one of the rooms. We put the rescue dummy hidden in the room, turned off the lights, and flooded the room with "smoke". Then two firefighter teams went in, without having seen the layout, fully geared, searched for the dummy, and dragged it to "safety".

Unfortunately one of those applying at February 1st monthly meeting had to withdraw his application. He will not be moving into our area. THANKS for applying

February 1st monthly meeting - we had two, experienced, fire fighters from out of the area submit applications. Both found us via our web site and are moving into the area around March. One wants to join the Fire Police. THANKS for applying

Welcome to our newest member!

Allison Grace "joined us" {was born} Friday January 12th, 2007

December 6, 2006 PA enacted a "Headlight" law to make cars more visible in Work Zones.
    Click for more information Click for "Headlight" Laws

December 1, 2006 PA enacted a "Headlight" law to make cars more visible in inclement weather.
     Click for more information Click for "Headlight" Laws

In September PA enacted a "Steer Clear" law to protect emergency workers. Click for more information

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In September we had a new member join who is already a certified Fire Police. For special events and large accidents we ALWAYS need more Fire Police to control traffic and crowds.

Ridge Fire Company has finished installing a new, computerized, call system to replace the "call printer". The new system includes a message board to display the calls as well as important fire house information such as upcoming events. There will be more detailed information about this new system coming soon. September/October

We are diving into Fire Prevention week early this year. Our first Tour was September 21st and the second October 6th. To give schools the times and days they need we will continue to October 16th. 10/6/2006.

Chester County installed MDC's {Mobile Data Computer's} in some of our trucks. These will allow is more information and communications. These are similar to what is in all Police vehicles and Ambulances. We had some training end of September. We are still trying to get used to them and how they work. 9/27/2006.

  While we've gotten several new members and nominations recently some of them are full time students who work full or part time so they have little time to help. We get some people who become members and then never show up. If you are at all interested we ALWAYS need more members. Come by on several Tuesday "work nights" and see what we do. Talk to members. Ask questions. We need members who want to actively fight fires, rescue people from cars, help with tours and fire prevention talks, help in the kitchen on auction days, and all sorts of activities!!! There is MUCH more to fire fighting and running a fire house then just "running into burning buildings"!!!

We are installing a new Call Printer/System. This will allow us to be able reprint call information at any time as well as not losing the last call if a new call comes in during the first. We will also be able to print multiple call sheets so each driver will be able to get a copy. We've run 8 network cables through the building and put on the ends. The CALL Display sign is mounted on the wall of the engine room and a shelf was installed for our new CALL printer. 8/8/2006.

One new member and one nomination made at monthly meeting 8/3/2006.

Two new members and one nomination made at monthly meeting 6/1/2006.

The two members who started their Fire Fighter I certification class in 2/2006 received their certificates 5/30/2006. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

The member who started his Fire Fighter II certification class in 2/2006 received his certificate 5/2006. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

The Sunday May 7th, 2006 Ridge Fire Company community day went pretty well.
People had fun, learned things, had food, and bought reflective signs

We had a couple of new members apply in the month of April 2006.

We had a New Junior Member voted in Thursday April 6th 2006.

A potential New Member start working on application Thursday April 6th 2006.

A potential New Member handed in paper work Tuesday April 4th 2006.

New flags raised Tuesday April 4th 2006.

The first annual Ridge Fire Company Community day plans are going forward. March 2006.

We have our new Flag Pole in place just waiting for new flags. The cost was partially covered by donations made in Albert Ritschard's name. March 2006

Our newest member, Eric James, born Sunday March 5th, 2006.


Forgot to mention our newest member, Ethan Cole, born Thursday October 13, 2005.

Two members have started their Fire Fighter I certification class 2/2006. GOOD LUCK!!!

One of former juniors got his Fire Fighter I certification and has started his Fire Fighter II. Congratulations on the first and GOOD LUCK on the second!!

The Community Day we are planning for Sunday May 7th is making progress

We have an application for a new junior in February and interest from a second

We have two new juniors that joined this winter.

This past December 2005 two of our juniors became full members.

The generator is fully functional and automatic. Being tested every week or two.

Ridge Fire Company is working on having a community day to show what we do and how we do it to the community this coming Sunday May 7th, 2006 with a rain date Sunday May 21st, 2006. Suggestions and ideas welcome

The annual East Coventry Police Halloween Safe House was fun. During the event we handed out Fire Prevention materials and sold some of the highly reflective signs - Oct 2005.

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The 2005 Fire Prevention week, Sunday October 9th through Saturday October 15th, went real well with visits to several schools and day care centers and one group coming to the fire house. In all we talked to over 400 kids. We also handed out Fire Safety materials at several community and fire prevention events.

Early fall 2005 we picked up a couple of new members.

August 20th, 2005 was a sad day for Ridge Fire Company as Albert Ritschard, a 50+ year volunteer, died. Albert Ritschard was a life member of the Ridge Fire Company with over 50 years of service. He served 15 of those years as the Fire Company President. Albert was active both as a Fire Fighter and a Fire Policeman.

During the summer we lost a couple of members who moved away.

The landscaping around the front of the building was spruced up. The railroad ties replaced with landscaping bricks. Dead and dying plants removed and replaced. Some plants added in new locations.

During the summer we voted in a couple new junior members.

In the May monthly meeting 4 new and 1 returning member was voted in.

The new Emergency Generator is connected, it starts and runs in manual mode, should be fully auto soon - Apr 2005

The annual volunteer banquet was fun.  About 130 people attended. - Apr 2005

The new Emergency Generator is connected, it ran with only a couple of small problems - Jan 2005

The new Emergency Generator building done, mostly needs wiring - Dec 2004

Pipes in bathrooms have been rerouted to prevent freezing - Dec 2004

We had a new member join who is a trained Firefighter and Fire Police

Several Members completed the "High Angle Rescue" class

The cleanup along Ellis Woods Rd from Bethel Church Rd crossing Ridge/Rt23 along Sheeder Rd to Pughtown Rd took place Oct 19, 2004

The Fire Prevention Week "Community" activity with Parkerford Church went very well.  Several boxes of batteries for Smoke Detector were handed out.  In some cases we tested and installed the batteries.  There was interest in the "Highly Reflective" signs.

Engine 62-2 went back into service Thu Oct 14, 2004

Engine 62-2 has most of the equipment back on the truck.  There are still a few things that need to done.  We are waiting for some new mounting brackets to arrive and be installed.  The radios are now fully functional in their new mounting positions.  Hopefully the truck will be ready in the next week.

Engine 62-2 was picked up 9/13/2004. Once the truck is reloaded with all it's gear and equipment it will be ready to "roll".

Fire Prevention week, Monday October 4th through Friday October 8th, is coming.  We already have scheduled visits to Children's House of Chester County for Mon Oct 4th and tentative dates of Thu Oct 7 for East Coventry Elementary and Fri Oct 8th East Vincent Elementary.

Engine 62-2 should be having it's pump tested around 9/7/2004 with possible pickup around 9/15/2004

Ridge Fire Company will be doing their Fire Prevention visits to local schools, day cares, etc. soon.  New Fire Prevention handouts and "give aways" have been purchased. Will be week of Oct 4th.

Pipes in bathrooms being rerouted to prevent freezing - started - to be done by winter

The new Emergency Generator building done, still needs wiring - Thu Aug 5, 2004

Engine 62-2 should back around Labor Day

Engine 62-2 being painted as of 6/1/2004

The new Emergency Generator building is almost done, still needs wiring - Tue May 11, 2004

Congratulations to Matt E. for completing Basics of Fire Fighting Mon May 10, 2004

The area outside the kitchen back door has been graded and a new concrete pad installed - May 2004

New steam Table installed in kitchen - April 2004

Engine 62-2 left for complete overhaul Wed Apr 11, 2004, will be gone for 3-4 months

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