Last Update: 02/19/2021

Ridge Fire Company Fire Police Officers

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Joe Inzone



Diana DeJoseph



Richard Hedrick



--None at this time--



Diana DeJoseph



Joe Pennypacker



--None at this time--


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  If your organization is having an event that will generate a lot of traffic, you may request help from the Fire Police.  Please, give contact name(s), address, organization, reason for request, and phone/Fax number(s). E-Mail address if available.
  Give plenty of lead time as requests are processed by East Coventry Township on the 2nd Monday of every month during the Board of Supervisors meeting and by Ridge Fire Fire Police weekly during Tuesday "work nights".


Step#1 Get approval from East Coventry Township Supervisors

You will need to fill out an "Application for Special Fire Police Services" at East Coventry Township
Phone:(610)495-5443 - Fax:(610)495-9925 - E-Mail:

If the direct link, from this page, to the form does NOT work go the East Coventry Township web site and look under Government/"Permits, Licenses & Forms",
and then "Fire Police Services Request Form".

This application MUST be in and approved by East Coventry Township AND Ridge Fire Police Officers BEFORE the Fire Police can respond.

REMINDER: Send to E. Coventry Township first!

Step#2 You will also need to contact the Fire Police at:

Ridge Fire Company Fire Police

480 Ridge Road

Spring City, PA 19475-9678

Phone: (610) 495-6063 - Fax: (610) 495-5106

**Please remember that the Fire Police, same as the Firefighters, are 100% Volunteer!!**

**Be aware that getting E Coventry Township approval, does NOT guarantee that the Fire Police will be able to help!!!**

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