Last Updated: 08/24/2016

Volunteer Tax Information

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The PA Tax Credit does NOT exist for 2009 and beyond!!

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Other Tax Credit Information

Currently, 11/2016, there is Mileage Tax Credit for Volunteers, be it Fire/Rescue, EMS, Meals on Wheels, etc. While is it only $0.14 per mile, that can add up. Below is a table showing an example what it might add up to! For the sake of the example the members house is 3 1/2 miles from the fire house for a total of 7 miles round trip. The Member has made 40 of possible 52 Work Nights, 10 of possible 12 Monthly Meetings, and responded to 150 calls for the year. In addition the member helped at the Community Day, two (2) Fire Prevention events, Halloween Safe House, and the Christmas Party for a total of five (5) Other Trips to the Fire House.

Mileage Allowance$0.14
Mileage House to Fire House3.50
Round Trip House to Fire House7.00
Tuesday Work Nights40$39.20
Monthly Meetings10$9.80
Calls responed to150$147.00
Other Trips to the Fire House5$4.90
{Fire Prv'tn, X-Mas Party, etc.}

Mileage Allowance information from

{If the link(s) below don't work got to and search for "VOLUNTEER MILEAGE"

Link to 2016 Mileage information IR-2016-2, Jan 11, 2016 {$0.14 per mile}

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