Last Updated: 01/23/2013

Ridge Fire Company

Reflective Address Signs

If we can’t FIND YOU we can’t HELP YOU!!!!

Ridge Fire Company sells Reflective Mailbox and House Signs to make it easier for the......

Fire Company, Ambulance, UPS, FedEx, Pizza "guy" to find you!!

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These signs are only $15 each. You can have a 6" by 18" “Mailbox Sign” or a 14" wide by 5" high “House Sign”.


The “Mailbox Sign” can be Vertical, 6" wide by 18" high”, or Horizontal, 18" wide by 6" high. It has a green background with white numbers (both sides). 

Vertical  reflect_sign_mail_box_vertical_480.jpg      Horizontal  reflect_sign_mail_box_horizontal_480.jpg


The “House Sign” is shown Horizontal ONLY. It has a white background with green numbers (one side only).


**Highly Visible Day or Night**

**Reflective Material on BOTH sides**

**Fade Resistant, lasts for years**

**Pre-drilled holes**

If you need MORE than 5 digits we have done this with two signs

If the company is having In-House training on Tuesday evenings, 6:30PM, you can stop by and drop off request. If the staff has time, we may be able to make up the sign while you wait.

Optional $5.00 4 foot post available. (can’t be mailed)

Mail to

Ridge Fire Company

480 Ridge Road

Spring City, PA 19475

To call in the request: (610) 495-6063.

{If calling in, give the same information as requested on the form!}

Make checks, for $15, $20 if ordering optional post, per sign, payable to: Ridge Fire Company

{Upon request, delivery will be made within our "run" area}

{To have mailed, excluding optional post which can’t be mailed, there is a $5 shipping and handling charge within the lower 48 states. Call if outside that area}

Request Form {PDF 141 KB}

{Request Form is Adobe PDF format. If you can NOT "OPEN" them "Click" below for FREE Adobe Reader®.

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