Back to Back Motorcycle Accidents - 6/23/2009

  On Tuesday, June 23, 2009 at 1806Hrs the Chester County Fire Board alerted the Ridge Fire Co. (Station 62) and West End Ambulance Sub-Station (MICU 1-67) for an accident involving a motorcycle at the intersection of Rt. 724 and Wells Rd in East Coventry Twp. Rescue 62 responded immediately and was advised that Chief 61 (Kimberton) was on scene with one patient down in the grass and was requesting a helicopter on stand-by. Deputy 62 placed the helicopter on stand-by and responded on Engine 62-1 to set up a possible landing zone. Rescue Personnel assisted EMS in immobilizing and packaging the patient for transport. After further evaluation by EMS it was determined that a Helicopter would not be required and Rescue 62 requested Sky Care stood down. Engine 62-1 cleared the LZ location and responded up to the scene to assist with clearing the scene of debris. The minivan that the motorcycle collided with suffered front end damage, EMS evaluated the passengers of the van and determined there were no injuries. MICU 1-67-4 transported one patient to Phoenixville. All 62 units cleared the scene at 1845Hrs.

  Units On-Scene: Rescue 62, Engine 62-1, Squad 62, Traffic 62, MICU 1-67-4, Chief 61, 62 Fire Police, East Coventry, East Vincent, West Vincent, and Spring City PD.

  Upon returning to the station and before the crews could get out of all their turnout gear at 1857Hrs Chester County alerted Station 62 and MICU 67 covering for MICU 1-67-4, who was still tied up at the hospital from the first accident, to Rt. 23 and Ellis Woods Rd for another auto accident involving a motorcycle in East Vincent Twp. Rescue 62, Engine 62-1, Squad 62, and Traffic 62 responded immediately. 62-31 arrived on scene and advised that there was one down in the roadway and requested a helicopter placed on stand-by. Rescue 62 arrived with the Deputy and began to assess the patient down. Deputy 62 confirmed the order for a Helicopter on stand-by and after further evaluation of the victimís condition a flight was requested. Engine 62-1 responded down to the East Vincent Elementary School to set up the LZ for Sky Care. Rescue personnel assisted EMS in packaging the patient for transport to the LZ and immobilization. The subject of the SUV that was also involved was not injured. The Engineís crew assisted the flight crew with loading the patient and securing the LZ. Sky Care lifted off enroute to Reading and all 62 units were clear of the scene at 1937Hrs.

  Units On-Scene: Rescue 62, Engine 62-1, Squad 62, Traffic 62, MICU 67-1, MICU 1-67-4, 62 Fire Police, East Vincent, East Coventry, and Spring City PD.

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Pictures #1 & #2 - Accident #1


Pictures #3 & #4 - Accident #1


Pictures #5 & #6 - Accident #2


Pictures #7 & #8 - Accident #2


Picture #9 - Accident #2

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