Last Update: 01/08/2020

Knox Box Information

Knox Box 3200 Series

Commercial Knox Boxs

If you are interested in acquiring a Knox Box for your Business, or for medical/safety, go to for information about Knox Boxes.

If you decide to get a Knox Box you should also contact about placement etc. before purchasing to make sure everything necessary covered.

When you go to purchase go to In the upper right hand corner, in a red box, it should say BUY. Click that.

You will be taken to a page to select category. Either is the drop down box or click on the category picture.

Select VIEW for the item in which you are interesed.

If asked for Fire Company enter "Ridge Fire Co". If you put in exactly like that it should show the correct Ridge Fire Company, Spring City, PA 19475{-9678} as first on list! Select that one! This is make sure you have the correct key for us to open.

For any other ordering help Call: 800-552-5669 6:00 AM - 4:00 PM MST. {Mountain Time is 2 hours earlier then Eastern}