Fire Prevention Week - 10/2005

Sunday October 9th through Saturday October 15th

   Each year, the National Fire Protection Association and the Department of Homeland Security's United States Fire Administration raise awareness during Fire Prevention Week. This year's theme is "Use Candles with Care." Although the number of home fires has declined in recent years, the number of fires caused by candles has risen dramatically. Fortunately, the risk of candle fires can be lessened by following a few basic guidelines, including never leaving candles unattended, keeping them away from flammable items, and always keeping them out of reach of children.

   This year we went to five different schools and day care centers and had one church youth group come visit the fire house during the evening. At the schools we talked to the Kindergarteners from the AM and PM sessions. We talked to over 400 children during Fire Prevention week. To each of the groups we gave a talk about having a fire safety plan about getting out of a house.  We talked about having WORKING Smoke Detectors and testing the detectors several times a year and replacing the batteries at least once a year.  We had one of the Fire Volunteers, or an adult from the group, put on a fire fighters full fire fighting gear.  Once full suited up a fire fighter looks and sounds scary to young children.  We wanted them to see that it was a "regular" person inside all that gear.  We blew the siren.  We charged one of the small fire hoses and allowed the children to turn the nozzle on and off. Unfortunately due to rain not all the kids at all the schools got to use the hose. We are hoping to get back to those groups that missed this in the spring. The children had fun, and, with reinforcement from the teachers, will learn something.  We also have done several community day information handout programs and will be talking with scout, etc. groups during the school year.

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