Tree Fire - 11/23/2008

On Sunday, November 23rd, 2008 at 1659hrs Chester County Dispatch began receiving multiple calls for an unknown, uncontrolled fire on the ridge in West Vincent Twp. Chester County than alerted Ridge Fire Co. (Station 62) for an unknown type fire in the area of Cooks Glen Rd between Saw Mill Rd and the dead end in West Vincent Twp. Smoke and fire could be seen on the mountain side from the fire station by arriving firefighters. Deputy 62 responded direct to confirm the location of the fire in the remote area of the district. Due to the limited access of the driveway Deputy 62 only requested Eng 62-2 and Brush 62 up the long, steep, and winding driveway. Deputy 62 reported that the fire was an outbuilding on the hill side. First in crews found a tree house burned to the ground approx. 30 feet up a steep hill side behind the house. Crews from the Brush and Engine stretched the booster line up the hill side and extinguished the remnants of the tree house. The fire was place under controlled at 1722hrs. After overhauling the 15 x 15 affected area, crews slowly hiked back down the hillside and began the slow process of getting back down the driveway. All units were available at 1744hrs.

Units On Scene:

Eng 62-2, Eng 62-5, Brush 62, Squad 62, Traffic 62, 62 Fire Police, and West Vincent PD.

Many of these pictures have had their "Brightness" and "Contrast" adjusted to make it easier to see what is going on.

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