Engine 62-1 is a 2009 Pierce six man Arrow XT PUC Pumper-Rescue, with a 1500 GPM pump, 750 Gallons of water, 50 gallons of class A foam, and a Harrison 10Kw Hydraulic generator. The pump is equipped with a Husky Foam system and a Hercules CAFS system. The truck carries 5 MSA SCBAs, Cutters Edge and Stihl Rescue Chainsaws, a 14 Stihl Cut-Off Saw. For scene lighting there are (4) 500w Tri-pod Lights, a 3000 Watt Night Scan Light Tower, and (6) 900 Watt Scene Lights. The engine is equipped with a PPV and electric exhaust ventilation fans. A Lukas/Centaur Portable Rescue Tool System (Lg. Spreader, O Cutter, & Ram), AED, BLS, & Oxygen bags are stored for rescue and medical assists. 62-1 is also equipped with a MSA 4 gas meter, Bullard T4 thermal imaging camera, as well as a various assortment of hand tools, salvage buckets and tarps. Engine 62-1s fire attack is comprised of a 19 extended front bumper with (2) 150 1.5 pre-connected Attack Lines, (3) pre-connected 1.5 Crosslays consisting of 200, 250, & 300, and a pre-connected 200 2.5 Attack Line with a 500gpm Akron Mercury Gun. The truck carries 900ft of 5 supply hose, 500ft of 3 supply hose. Engine 62-1 is equipped with a 24 Extension Ladder, 14 Roof Ladder, 10 Attic Ladder, and a 13 Little Giant folding ladder.

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