Learning to use saws - 04/11/2017

  We practice weekly, in a controlled environment, to make sure we know what to do during an emergency. An emergency is NOT the time to start to learn how to use the tools of the trade!

  This drill was about the proper way to start and use the power saws. Including making sure the saw will start BEFORE passing to someone on the roof!

  This includes "regular" chain saws, Cutters Edge, with a bullet chain, and chop saws. The pictures of actual cutting is using the chop saw on an old oil tank. That has very think steel making a great item to practice with. We used old shipping palets to practice with the chain saws.(not shown) For this practice we used a fiber chop saw blade instead of a diamond tipped one.

Many of these pictures have had their "Brightness" and "Contrast" adjusted to make it easier to see what is going on.

The size, maximum 600 pixels wide, and resolution has been changed on all of these pictures to speed loading and allow 2 side by side on a standard screen.

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Pictures #1 & #2


Pictures #3 & #4


Pictures #5 & #6


Picture #7

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