Auto Accident 09/28/2011

Accident with Entrapment on Route 23 in South Coventry

  On Wednesday, September 28, 2011 at 2013Hrs the Chester County Fire Board alerted the Ridge Fire Company (Station 62) and Goodwill Ambulance of Pottstown (Medic 329) to Rt. 23 west of Daisy Point Rd for an auto accident reported serious. Chief 62 went responding and was advised of a two vehicle accident with one victim reported unconscious. Chief 62 received additional reports of victims trapped in one of the vehicles and requested the assignment upgraded to an accident with entrapment. Rescue and Engine 62-1 responded moments later and were advised by Deputy 62 of two victims trapped. Deputy 62 established Route 23 Command and requested a medical helicopter on stand-by and Fire Police to close Rt. 23 between Daisy Point Road and Rt. 100. Rescue crews arrived and began patient assessment and removing the roof and "B" Post and doors to extricate the driver and front passenger of the sedan. Two additional medic units were request by command to the scene for the multiple patients and PennSTAR 4 was requested the fly to OJR High School where Engine 62-2 and Engine 64-1 (Norco Fire Co.) had established a Landing Zone. Extrication of both patients was complete at 20:39Hrs. PennSTAR 4 transported one victim to Reading Hospital & Medical Center. Medic units from 329 transported 3 additional patients to Pottstown Memorial Medical Center (PMMC). Engine 64-1 cleared the LZ and stood-by to cover any additional calls for Station 62. Fire police from Ludwigs Corner Fire Co. (Station 73) were dispatched to Rt. 100 and Daisy Point Rd. to assist traffic detoured from Rt. 23 around the accident scene. After all rescue operations were complete a Ridge Firefighter suffered a syncopal episode due to heat exhaustion. EMS on scene evaluated the firefighter and MICU 1-67-3 (West End Ambulance Sub-Station) was requested to the scene to transport the firefighter to PMMC for evaluation. The firefighter was later released to rest at home. Rescue 62 and Engine 62-2 returned available to the station to release Engine 64-1 from stand-by. Engine 62-1 and Fire Police remained on location providing lighting and traffic control for PA State Police until 02:02AM 9/29/2011 when Command released all remaining units and opened the roadway

Apparatus On Scene: Rescue 62, Engine 62-1, Engine 62-2, Traffic 62, Engine 64-1, Traffic 73, Medic 329-12, Medic 329-1, Medic 329-9, MICU 1-67-3, PSP Embreeville, 62 and 73 Fire Police.

Special Thanks to Engine 64-1's crew for assisting at the LZ and covering the 62 Local.

Special Thanks to Ridge and Ludwigs Corner Fire Police for their assistance in detouring traffic around the accident scene for 6 hours.

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